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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 15, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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there is no online show this evening. bret will be back here tomorrow. i'm chris wallace and good night from all of us here in washington. >> shepard: tea party triumph. tonight, what does it mean for republicans and democrats when we all go to the polls in november? i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. [cheers] >> shepard: the tea party pulls off another upset. >> cheney. >> shepard: and democrats are calling it a game changer. >> i think it's clear that the tea party movement has the upper hand now. >> outside of washington, the republican party has never been more united. >> shepard: tonight, a look ahead to november. plus, they're accused of bullying a girl so brutally she killed herself.
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now, two teenagers head to court with one suspect facing life in prison. and this hurricane season just became a record breaker. now a new threat to oil rigs in the gulf. but, first from fox this wednesday night, 48 days until the midterm elections and good grief. democrats say they have a super chance to keep control of congress. but of what they call a civil war in the republican party. another tea party favorite sending a more moderate g.o.p. candidate packing last night. analysts say mike castle would have had a better shot at beating the democrat in november. instead, christine o'donnell is the g.o.p. nominee to fill vice president biden's former senate seat. >> there is a civil war going on within the republican party. it gives us some opportunities. i mean, have you got to respect energy when you steevment we are not complacent about it there are going to be seats that we win in november that six months ago we frankly were pretty sure
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we were going to lose. >> i have never seen more americans engaged in our government in my lifetime. you are going to hear the american people speak not just last night but you will hear them speak loud and clearly come november. >> shepard: congressman castle quit the house to run for senate. so he become the eighth incumbent to lose his seat this year. but another republican fought off a tea party challenger. kelly ayotte winning the new hampshire senate primary. she had the backing of sarah palin who split with the tea party on this one. but republicans are saying don't you dare count us out. team fox coverage tonight. mike emanuel at the white house. first to the chief political correspondent carl cameron in dover, delaware tonight. karl, are the democrats right here? is the tea party hurting republicans or is that something that we don't yet know? >> well, that's a partisan talking point there even are some republicans that suggest here in delaware christine o'donnell is going to have a tougher time winning joe biden's former seat than mike castle
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might have. a whole bunch of other republican candidates are now doing pretty well. there is rand paul in kentucky who is tied or leading the polls just jack conway. there is tea party favorite sharon angle in nevada who is tied or leading against the democratic majority leader harry reid. in colorado, ken buck is tied with the incumbent senator mike bennett. if you go down to florida, let's not forget that marco rubio the republican candidate chased governor charlie crist out of the g.o.p. is he now running an independent and rubio is winning in a three-way race. so, here in delaware, the turnout was double what people expected. christine o'donnell has generate add lot of enthusiasm in republican circles so we have 48 days to figure ot. out. >> shepard: the tea party is one with all of the excitement. the question -- you know, last night at this time, karl, it sort of sounded like the republicans were not going to back these tea party candidates but what a difference a day makes. >> well, the nrsc the national senatorial were not going to give her any money if she was on
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her own. this morning they sent her a check for $42,000. that doesn't tell the whole story. there is a lot of expenditures and ads that they could do for her that they are probably not going to too. the republican national committee can put up a lot of cash. the national republican senatorial committee is going to be able to spend money on these candidates. then you have all manner of independent groups that can spend money and the tea party. so christine o'donnell and all the rest, even if they don't have the g.o.p. establishment's checkbook there is no lack of cash out there. it's going to be over 2 billion spend in this overall campaign. >> shepard: 2 billion. carl cameron live for us from delaware tonight. you can follow all the political action as we count down to the mid terms go. to ahaq america's election headquarters. you can get an app. for iphone or smart phones right there. there is evidence that some of the political upheaval in america has to do with our nation's serious economic trouble. we have seen a crisis in the
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housing market turn into the great recession. national unemployment rate dance around double figures. a fox news opinion dynamics poll earlier this month show the economy as the top concern among registered voters. and most of those voters also say the obama administration has made the economy worse, not better. so, today, the white house again tried to show the president is, indeed, focused on this issue and fixing our country's financial problems. mike emanuel with the news at the white house tonight. the president today spoke about tax cuts for small businesses. >> that's right, shep. he praised two republican senators, the georges lemieux and voinovich for allowing the small business tax bill to go forward in terms of a vote on the senate floor. it's believed it will pass tomorrow in the senate. here is more from the president late today. >> while i am grateful for this progress, it should not have taken this long to pass this bill. at a time when small business owners are still struggling to make payroll and they are still holding off hiring, we put
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together a plan that would give them some tax relief and make it easier for them to take out loans. >> but the republicans say there is just a fundamental disagreement here that they just don't believe in more what they believe is stimulus spending and they don't like the idea of raising taxes on anybody when the recovery is so slow, shep. >> shepard: and some new arguments really today, mike, about extending the bush era tax cuts. >> that's right. president obama believes that we simply cannot afford extending the tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 a year. he believes that by giving everybody a tax cut on the first quarter million if they make more than that of their income that is a winning argument. we have seen some moderate democrats starting to say that they are very anxious about the idea of raising taxes even on those making more than a quarter million dollars a year. it is unclear where the negotiations will end up, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel at the sun set at the white house tonight. thank you. two of the massachusetts teenagers at the center of a
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high profile bullying case were back in court today it was a pre-trial for the death of this girl, phoebe prince. she was the 15-year-old irish immigrant who killed herself earlier this year after prosecutors say she took merciless bullying from her high school classmates. the two teens at the center of it all who appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing today are among six facing charges ranging from harassment to having sex with a minor. and today we got a sense of how their lawyers plan to handle this case. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. what are the prosecutors saying happened here? >> well, shep, they say that phoebe prince had a relationship with sean mavahill he was one of the two in court today. when that relationship ended they say that prosecutors mulveyhill and kayla began taunting her. some friends of theirs apparently joined. in it became so bad that on january the 14th, last year,
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according to according to the prosecution, phoebe prince was subjected to relentless bullying all day as she walked home in tears, prosecutors say. one of her tormenters drove past her in the car, yelled more insults at her and threw a soda can at her which hit phoebe prince. hours later she hung herself, shep. >> shepard: you have to prove it was the bullying that cause the the suicide. what are defense attorneys saying about making that leap? >> the defense say it is a leap too far. they say that she, phoebe prince, had a history of depression, had tried to harm herself before, and, in fact, had prior suicide attempts. that, at least, watt the argument they made until today when kayla's attorney changed the way he appeared to approach this case saying quite simply kayla, his client, did nothing wrong. listen. >> it's our position that that is not criminal conduct. she didn't credit any crimes when she uttered that she did utter. >> now it appears that sean's
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attorney is going to file a similar motion asking the judge to dismiss the case because he says his client did absolutely nothing criminal whatsoever, shep. >> shepard: a new school year has just begun. as a result of this case largely there are new rules how schools deal with bullying. >> absolutely. of the massachusetts education department issued new guidelines for this school year saying any teach his or her witnesses or is made aware of any allegations of bullying have to report them. the school then has a duet -- duty to investigate. if they find there is anything, which they believe, simply believe, might rise to criminal conduct, they have to inform the police so. strict new guidelines, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you, sir. we saw some confrontation in a gulf coast community today when the people went face to face with a man in charge of paying out damages from the bp oil spill. because a lot of folks in the gulf south are clearly not happy with how this process is going. >> i have called the claims center repeatedly and it's under
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review. under review, under review. and i have also heard the word "i feel your frustration." no you do not. you are not walking in my boots. do you not feel my frustration. >> shepard: coming up, the response from the man in charge of all of, this and why he says there will be some changes coming. that and continuing coverage on a big day after from politics from the journalists of fox news on tonight's fox report. i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
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>> shepard: the oil well that flooded the gulf of mexico could be dead within days. the government's point man for the bp oil spill response, thad allen says he expects workers to permanently seal the bp well by this sunday. that's nearly five months after the explosion and fire on the rig killed 11 men and started the disaster that sent hundreds of millions of gallons of oil flowing into the water. teams capped the well in july, but the only way to seal it permanently, they tell us, is to pump in mud and cement through a relief well. thad allen says the relief well
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should intersecond with that blown out well within 24 hours and then teams can start the pumping. this as we get word from the white house that it's going to force companies to start plugging more than 3,000 abandoned wells all over the gulf. the interior secretary says that should help lower the chance of unnoticed leaks. companies are also to dismantle hundreds of production platforms that they have stopped using. of course, the government is still dealing with the fallout from the bp spill and today the man in charge of paying compensation from bp's fund got an earful from some of the most affected. kenneth feinberg went down to orange beach, alabama, to hear from folks who say they are not getting the money they need. simple fact we have never received one penny. how soon get a check in a few days? >> the operative word here is emergency. it's an emergency situation and if you don't do something, the
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going to be dead on arrival. it's not going to matter anymore. >> i am begging, begging for your help. i needed a check yesterday. >> shepard: kenneth feinberg says he distributed more money in three weeks than bp did in three months. today on "studio b" he told us he knows that is not good enough. >> 185 million has gone out the door. now, i can do better. the program can do better. some of the complaints i heard today are absolutely justified. >> shepard: accelerate the program so the money gets to who needs it more quickly. phil keating with the news live in south alabama tonight. he really heard a lot of frustration there today, didn't he? >> he did, shep. it's not just alabama. it is gulf wide. here on beach road it is one plaza there are 15 shops. four restaurants and after this summer sales are down 70%. and for boat men like jimmy behl, he tells us no business, no cash since june. >> lining he always said the proof is in the checks.
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there is no checks coming into us. i haven't seen one. >> and i'm told if a check doesn't come soon to these shops, a third of this place could soon be shuttered, shep? >> shepard: what exactly is going to change? >> mr. feinberg brought with him 20 claims adjustors that quickly deplete about half that auditorium. he also promised three things. three problems will soon fix. the speed, the generosity and the transparency. then he made this promise to a very skeptical crowd, every legitimate claim, at least here in alabama, will be paid in, quote, a few days. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live in orange beach, alabama tonight. thank you. the american woman who spent more than a year in an iranian prison is keeping a pretty low profile on the first full day of predom in oman. sarah shourd expected to undergo medical exam today. her family reports she had a health problems including a lump in one of her breasts. sarah shourd's attorney says a foreign individual and not a government paid her half-million-dollar bail. iran accused her and her fiancee
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and their friend of spying as they hiked along the border last year, we're told. the two others are said to be still in prison. iran is intimidating the united nations inspectors who are supposed to be looking into its nuclear program. that's the latest accusation that the united states is leveling against the islamic republic. accuse trying to build nuclear bombs. iran says no we're not. the top delicate to the united nations nuclear watchdog now claims iran is trying to influence inspectors through intimidation. the delegates are consider appropriate action against iran. he didn't define that the feds are investigating the deadly pipeline explosion in california as we get new recordings from firefighters who responded to that disaster. [sirens] >> shepard: indeed they did. more on that.
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and plus what the obama administration is proposing to keep this from happening again. that's coming up. we are watching historic triple threat in the tropics. two extremely powerful hurricanes, one tropical storm. all at the same time. it has the fox extreme weather center buzzing. they will check in next to let you know what you need to know as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: weather alert. unless you where 90 years old, you have never seen it this. it's happened only one other time in recorded history, two category 4 storms igor and julia existing at the same time in the atlantic. here's a satellite picture of the whole thing. as you can see there is a third storm in the mix, too. tropical storm karl. rick reichmuth with the news live in the fox extreme weather
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center. where are these things going. >> they all keep going out to sea which is good news. a long time left in the season. we will see some more that get closer to the u.s. right now these are the two, shepard, out here. that one is not a big issue for us. but this is igor, a really impressive storm on the satellite imagery. the tracks of both julia and igor make this right-hand turn once again. bermuda taking a hit from this category 2 storm sunday into monday. that's the biggest threat from these two big storms. then we turn our attention to karl, which made landfall here in the yucatan peninsula earlier this morning, shepard. it's going to move back across this water which is really warm and strengthen up to hurricane status before making second landfall. that can be very devastating for the folks in mexico. i want to talk, shepard, we're in the middle of this very active season. typically by this time we have woo have seen about six storms by now. we have had 11 so far. those are those two big ones we were talking about. more waves coming off of africa. more of these develop in the
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next week. >> shepard: rick reichmuth. no time off. reaction after the deadly pipeline in san bruno, california. the blast killed four people, destroyed dozens of homes. the national transportation safety board has investigators on scene now. they are trying to determine, they tell us, why it took pacific gas and electric nearly three hours to just turn off the gas once the fire started. and the white house is now calling for congress to propose a law that would more than double the maximum fine for pipeline safety violations from $1 million to close to $3 million. the proposal comes as we get a first listen to some really incredible audio from firefighters on the scene. >> shepard: that water main was
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indeed broken reportedly having all area hydrants run dry. their suspect was down but the police kept coming. next, caught on video beating. we'll report so you can decide whether this crossed the line. and first came the competition from casinos in surrounding states. now with the recession keeping the gamblers away in large part. new jersey is rolling the dice on a brand new plan to save atlantic city. wait until you see this. ♪ ♪
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about your medicare coverage. talk to securehorizons today to get the answers you need. call now. >> shepard: atlantic city has been the gam blinks mecca of the east coast since the 1980s, but lately new casinos in nearby states have been cutting into profits there. in 2009, vegas east had its worst year in more than a decade. that's according to new jersey's casino control commission. now the governor is proposing to fix things with a state takeover. our senior correspondent rick leventhal with the news in a place he knows pretty well. rick, what's happening? >> well, shepard, having a nation's oldest and longest board walk may be a draw but it's clearly not enough. atlantic city is suffering from a much more crowded gaming marketplace prompting the governor to say this town is dying and running out of time. atlantic city is the number two gaming destination in america, with 35 million visitors dropping $3.5 billion in its 11
7:29 pm
casinos every year. >> let the games begin. [cheers] >> but there is no mormon monopoly on cable games. pennsylvania is one of many states trying to keep gamblers closer to home. approving new casinos from pittsburgh to philadelphia, just 60 miles north of a.c. >> got brand new facility, a beautiful mix of gaming and nongaming amenities. >> why go down there when you can come here? >> the casino landscape has changed dramatically since 1988 when new jersey and nevada were the only legal places to play. year after year dozens of states and indian tribes opened hundreds of gambling halls chasing smaller slices of the pie. more than 900 casinos are open today. >> atlantic city is dying. now, the question is, are we going to allow the same doctors who have put the patient in this position to continue to treat the patient? >> governor chris christie wants to take over much of a.c.'s operations to clean it up. don says is he all in for
7:30 pm
reinvention. >> we need to spread ourselves out and be more of a hotel, spa, restaurant, entertainment destination and not just focus on the gambling dollar. >> gaming executives and the governor say the goal is to become las vegas east and they plan on spending a lot of money to spread that word because there are thousands of jobs, nearly a billion dollars in tax revenue and the future of this city on the line. shepard? >> shepard: rick leventhal live on the atlantic city board walk tonight. rick, thanks. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. now the top of the news. democrats in washington appear to be divided tonight over president obama's plan for your taxes. he wants to extend middle class tax cuts before they expire at the end of the year. but he plans to let taxes go back up on the wealthy. and that part is the issue. while some democrats do indeed support the idea as a way to raise revenue. more moderate democrats say it's a bad idea to raise taxes on
7:31 pm
anybody in an economy like this. molly henneberg live on capitol hill on the top story at the bottom of the hour. what about republicans? they are not going to go along with the president's plan, are they? >>. no in fact, republicans say, shep, that they intend to fight to extend the bush tax cuttings to all taxpayers regardless of income. including some small business owners that file individual rate rather than the corporate rate. a tax hike could effect them. here is more. >> republicans are united, no tax increases on nobody. that may be poor grammar but it is sound economics. >> no single policy is having a greater effect on hindering job creation than the possibility of a tax increase in january. >> in january because the tax cuts would expire at the end of this year. democrats who control both chambers, their leaders have not put forth a bill on this yet, so it's possible that this could go into the lame duck session of congress after the midterm election. shep? >> shepard: all right, molly,
7:32 pm
what's the president saying about all of this? >> he is urging congress to get going with this and extend the tax cuts for families who make less than $250,000. of the president says it will help the middle class, it will help the economy. he says he does not -- he is opposed to including the wealthiest americans in that because he says it would increase the government's debt because there would be less money coming into the treasury. here is more from him. >> leaders across the i'll are saying no. they want to hold these middle class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. we simply can can't afford that it would mean borrowing $700 billion in order to fund these tax cuts for the very wealthiest americans. >> republicans say rather than counting on more tax dollars coming, in the democrats should control spending. familiar refrain up here, shep? >> shepard: i will say. molly henneberg live at the
7:33 pm
rotunda. thanks. developing late this afternoon, three police officers in dallas are facing criminal charges as the department has fired one of them after dashboard video showed cops beating a man following a brief chase. [engine roaring] >> shepard: it apparently starts when the man zooms off and the officers chase him as you can see here. after a couple of miles and the driver coming into ongoing traffic, the man stops his bike and then this. you can seat officers using their fists and batons to hit him, see there on the left? although he doesn't appear to be fighting back. lynn from our station fox 4 news for dallas kdfw live outside the dallas police department headquarters tonight. lynn, what prompted this chase in the first place? >> well, you know, shep, they tried to pull the motorcyclist over for traffic violation. he didn't stop. now, dallas police are not supposed to chase anyone for traffic violation.
7:34 pm
these officers were called off. the sergeant told them to abandon the pursuit but they continued anyway. and then you just saw what happened. it ended when the motorcyclist stopped and then the squad car burned him and then the beating that followed. >> shepard: the serious question here tonight is whether this was planned. whether the beating itself was premeditated. >> you know, that is a question that the chief was talking about today. what's really bad is the audio portion of the tape where can hear them talking about this as they are chasing him. listen to it >> you can also hear the motorcyclist crying out several times during that audiotape and, as you mentioned, he doesn't appear to be resisting at all. in fact, at one point it looks like he is putting his hands up. >> shepard: the fired officer, a purple heart winner. wow, thanks very much for the report. we are tracking this story right
7:35 pm
now as it continues to develop. tomorrow afternoon the mayor of dallas will be live with us on "studio b" to discuss this controversy. that's 3:00 eastern. 2:00 in the dallas metroplex right here on fox news. a wild high speed chase so fast we're told it nearly outran the news choppers. there are even reports the suspect committed a crime during the pursuit. what started it? and how it all ended just ahead. plus, new questions about the safety of a prescription weight loss pill. as the government panel considers banning the drug all together. we will break down the debate and tell you what you need to know. meanwhile, if you like, head over to investigative report that they have cracked the stop secret hdtv code. one of the more read stories online right now. click on the most read tab on the home page. hey, lawrence, my parents want to talk to you.
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>> shepard: a panel of health
7:39 pm
advisors split 50-50 now on whether to recommend a ban of the diet pill member member rid i can't. it can increase heart attacks and strokes in patients with preexisting heart disease. now the f.d.a. has to decide whether to limit the use of that drug patients who could benefit from it or recall it all together. regulators in europe have decided to take the drug off the shelves. meridia only one of three prescription drugs approved in the u.s. for weight loss. many of the nation's top health experts says it's still vital for pregnant women to get their h1n1 shots. this year the regular flu shot and the h1n1 vaccine will be combined into a single dose, two for one if you will. doctors say any kind of flu is extremely risky for expant tant moms and their babies. pregnant women accounted for five% of all h1n1 deaths last year despite representing just 1% of the u.s. population.
7:40 pm
twister the popular microblowinging site is about to get a major face lift. twitter is preparing to roll out a revamped design that company officials say will add a lot of new functionality including the ability to share photos and videos right there on the main page. this is the biggest upgrade in a while. >> yep. >> shepard: every time there is a change, people complain. >> people freak out. >> shepard: what are they going to see? >> there are a number of things that you are going to see. most notably what i thought was actually quite compelling is, first, it obviously looks different it looks more sleeker, cleaner, et cetera. but more importantly the functionality is stepped up a notch. it's got a right handrail and on it you are going to be able to check out music, videos, pictures, all in one place. you don't have to go to another site. a lot of users out there calling it an ipad look with a facebook functionality.
7:41 pm
>> shepard: we just can't see it yet. >> it's going to roll out over the next couple of weeks. >> shepard: as far as features go, what are tweeters going to see? >> they are going to be able to see that you can do everything, more of what you want to do in one place. you don't have to go to facebook. you don't have to go to google. you can do it on twitter. you don't have to go to different site to look at pictures. you put some pictures of yourself on twitter? >> shepard: no. >> now you will be able to. >> shepard: someone might be on my staff. shibani joshi welcome back. >> thank you. >> we missed you. warming up for the country's bi-centennial. 200 years sent uprising led to mexico's independence from spain. drug related violence in that country has killed 28,000 people they tell us just since 2006. authors have cancelled festivities in some cities fearing drug cartel attacks. there is also word now that the country's top immigration official has resigned that comes less than a month after a drug gang killed 72 my grants at one
7:42 pm
ranch near the united states border. and in another drug related incident today. security forces raided a safe house to rescue a kidnap victim. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. mexico: an elite anti-kidnapping team breaking into a house where suspects were holding a businessman for ran some. you can see him there on the floor blindfolded. this just released police video shows the whole operation. a police commander says the alleged kidnappers were asking for a million dollars to free the guy. indonesia. police investigators saying meth no poisoning most likely caused the death of three russian engineers yesterday. meth no is a toxic form of alcohol used in antifreeze. the group has been working on russian fighter jets. the end doe northeast -- indonesia government bought six of the planes.
7:43 pm
hong kong, activists demonstrating over two islands caught up in a dispute between china and japan. some the protesters trying to get into the japanese consulate. a chinese fishing ship collided with two japanese patrol boats near the island last week. japanese authorities freed the crew but they are keeping the captain in custody. chile. it's a baby girl for one of the 33 miners who have been trapped underground for more than a month. they had a first name picked out but decided to change it to hope to help lift the miners' spirits. rescuers are working to free the men and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. and the heisman trophy goes to nobody. the 2005 heisman trophy that is. the decision today from the head of the heisman trophy trust. it comes a day after running back reggie bush forfeited his prestigious because he was
7:44 pm
getting illegal benefits at the time. vince young was the run you are enin 2005. he says he wouldn't have wanted the award now and still considers bush the 2005 heisman winner. a murder and carjacking suspect leading police on high speed chase in houston. we're told this chase hit such high speeds that the news helicopters had trouble keeping up with the thing. take a look here. a local report says officers were conducting surveillance on the man who was one of three suspects in a murder case. and when the police tried to make a traffic stop, this happened. the 22-year-old hopped out of his car, carjacked another driver at gun pound and then eventually that the wreck. the guy made a run for it but the cops were still in their cruisers, look there. they caught him as they always seem to. [chanting] >> shepard: this public anger only part of the fallout in the case of city leaders accused of taking massive salaries.
7:45 pm
just ahead, new actions against those officials. plus, there is a reason you should never let your camel off its leash. they just get themselves in all kinds of trouble. camels these days. i mean, i remember when. it's all the bad video games, am guaranteeing you.
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>> shepard: the attorney general of the state of california, jerry brown, now suing 8 current and former leaders of the tiny los angeles suburb of bell. the city had some of the highest paid officials in all the nation until some of them resigned. the former city manager robert izzo leaving behind nearly $800,000 a year. would you look at him. that's nearly twice the yearly salary of the president of the united states.
7:49 pm
former police chief randy adams was pulling in nearly a half million bucks a year. about 50% more than the los angeles police chief. we should note bell is just a tiny fraction of the population of los angeles. finally, the former assistant city manager was making only, well, $376,288 a year. poor thing. but more than twice the salary of california's governor. earlier today the attorney general laid out the charges. >> fraud, breech of fiduciary duty and waste of public funds. this is a very serious matter which when public officials breach their duty to the public and enrich themselves with enormous and obscene salaries. >> shepard: those obscene salaries as he put it in a city that's one of the poorest in all of l.a. county. one in six residents there reportedly lives in poverty. trace gallagher with the news working this from our west coast news hub this afternoon. trace, attorney generals' investigation now expanding into other california towns.
7:50 pm
what do we know. >> another town called vernon, california, shep, population 91. it's about five miles from downtown los angeles, about four miles from the city of bell. it is the city that is the smallest incorporated city in southern california. it is also got some of the biggest salaries. eric fresh, who worked as both the city administrator back in 2008 and the deputy city attorney made $1.6 million a year. and donal owe callahan, the city administrator, also the director of power and light in 2009, he made $785,000 a year. for example, a little contrast, the city administrator in the city of los angeles, the second largest city in the country makes $262,000 a year, shep. >> shepard: that is obscene. back to that bell lawsuit, some people are saying they want even more than these lawsuits. >> the people of bell don't just want to throw the bumps out, shep. they want the bums tossed in jail. they may get their way because legal charges are now being
7:51 pm
looked into. the bottom line decision is up to the d.a. in los angeles. but, if the lt. governor has his way, charges will be coming. listen. >> it was abuse. it was illegal. and it was greed. they started doing it. they got greedy. and we are above the law. and when i signed 8 hundred. i said no, you are not. and if you the attorney general can come in and push this bill, i'm for it. >> by the way, the man who led the recall in bell for those city leaders says he thinks things are going very well. the charges, by the way, jerry brown, the attorney general is also running for governor. we should note that shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thanks. a mother and her kids found a python outside their place. our top story on a fox trip across america. massachusetts. the family pulling into a lot behind their condo and
7:52 pm
discovering the 4 and a half foot long snake. >> i got out of my car and when i looked, he was right -- she was right here half on the pavement and half on the grass. >> we're told when an animal control officer arrived, the python had wrapped itself around the car's engine block. >> after about 30 minutes, 35 minutes, she started to relax. i think the engine was cooling off, too and wasn't as attractive anymore. >> shepard: everyone is said to be fine. >> texas. >> two alarm fire ripping through apartment complex in houston. the flames racing across the roof of the place. in the end, nobody hurt, but the fire crews says at least 8 apartments were badly damaged. california. a major marijuana bust south and east of sacramento. police arresting nearly 100 people, most of them mexican nationals. the county sheriff says it was a lot of work. >> the plants were about waste waste -- waist high. it was a tough one. >> shepard: mexican drug cartels were part of this pot growing
7:53 pm
operation. arizona. a medical helicopter making emergency landing southeast of phoenix after a vulture hit the aircraft. you can see the damage the bird caused. it shattered much the windshield. authorities say the three people on board were not hurt. and that's a fox watch across america. >> there are very few things it would seem that can persuade members of congress to drop their partisan differences and come together on the steps of the capital. but when they do it, it's quite a sight. today's special ceremony in washington. what happened and the last check of the headlines just ahead. le . what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it installed, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living
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7:57 pm
using heavy duty straps. [roaring] >> yeah! >> shepard: now you know what a camel sounds like. aside from that outburst, we're told our moses played it pretty cool during the whole ordeal a local veteran says the animal was not hurt at all. updating some of fox top stories tonight, the national incident commander retired admiral thad allen of the coast guard announced that engineers are expected to finally kill the busted bp well by sunday. tropical storm karl today making land fall in cancun at the same time igor and julia category 4 monsters have swirling in the atlantic. fox news has learned the white house is planning to cap the wall street watchdog elizabeth warren for a special consumer advocate position answering to the white house and the treasury. >> and on this day in 1950, u.s. marines stormed the western
7:58 pm
coast of the korean peninsula in one of the first major operations of the korean war. many in washington claim the assault would be just too risky. after all, thousands of enemy troops were dug in right there and ready for battle. but the supreme military commander general douglas mcarthur had never been one to back away from anything. the strategy worked. the marines took 125,000 prisoners of war. and within days, u.s. forces also recaptured the south korean capital of seoul. unfortunately the fighting would rage for three more very bloody years at a cost of more than a million lives. but the marines hit the beaches running 60 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, september the 15th, 2010. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight. before we go, another tribute to the victims and heros of the attacks of 9/11. the nation marked nine years since the attacks over the weekend. today, lawmakers from both
7:59 pm
parties came together to pay their respects with a moment of silence on the steps of the capitol. >> shepard: you may remember on the night of the attacks as the wreckage of the twin towers were still burning, members of congress stood on those same steps and sang god bless america. ground zero has come a very long way in the past nine years. our cameras have been following the rebuilding efforts there for months. and we recently found out we have company. >> what i have been painting is the empty sky. what i have been painting is not there. now, for the first time they are the footprints of what's not there. it's been memorialized. what we have been feeling is there for me, i feel like we have turned a corner. >> artists who lived at the


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